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Rorschach #3 (Of 12) Cover B Jock Variant

Rorschach #3 (Of 12) Cover B Jock Variant

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  • Description
    In an instant, 15 million people are dead! What happens when the human psyche is forced to accept such a devastating truth? Follow the story of ?the Kid,? a radicalized, gun-toting performer and the right-hand woman of the new Rorschach. See how this masked woman grows from an innocent child to the would-be cold-blooded assassin of a presidential candidate. This detective thriller will unravel the mysteries behind the assassination attempt and reveal how the struggles of these killers connect to larger turmoils of the world.
  • Details
    Artist: Jorge Fornes
    Category: Rorschach
    Cover Artist: Jock
    Publisher: DC Comics
    Ship Date: 12/15/2020
    Writer: Tom King
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