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Harbinger Renegades #3 Cover E 1:20 Variant Johnson

Harbinger Renegades #3 Cover E 1:20 Variant Johnson

NM, 17 In stock
  • Description

    Reunited, but once again torn from the lives they'd carefully rebuilt, the Harbinger Renegades have found themselves attacked on all sides by a vicious new enemy - a radicalized army of psiot zealots determined to bring the system down by any means necessary. Can this band of former friends become the fighters they once were, or will they succumb to the temptation of a new power that's more vicious than anything they've ever faced before? With Torque and Faith in mortal jeopardy, Peter Stanchek and Kris Hathaway must put the past behind them and embrace their chosen destiny in what lies ahead.

  • Details
    DIAMD NO: NOV161941
    Artist: Robertson, Darick
    Category: Valiant Issues
    Cover Artist: Johnson, Dave
    Ship Date: 1/18/2017
    Writer: Roberts, Rafer
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