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Aquaman Vol 8 Rebirth #1 Cover A Brad Walker (REBIRTH)

Aquaman Vol 8 Rebirth #1 Cover A Brad Walker (REBIRTH)

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  • Description

    Born to both the surface and the sea, Arthur Curry walks in two worlds but can find a home in neither. The king of Atlantis looks to reconcile his split heritage as he embarks on a new mission that may finally make him choose between his two paths.
    POLITICAL PLAYER: "As the leader of a world power," writer Dan Abnett says, "Arthur believes it's time Atlantis became part of the global community. Atlantis has been on the outside for too long: feared, mysterious and misunderstood. But that means getting the world used to Atlantis...and vice versa.

  • Details
    DIAMD NO: APR160292
    Artist: Jimenez, Oscar
    Category: DC Issues
    Cover Artist: #REF!
    Publisher: DC COMICS
    Ship Date: 6/8/2016
    Writer: Abnett, Dan
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